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"I see Basha through memes", Paloka: The government goes from scandal to scandal

"I see Basha through memes", Paloka: The government goes from scandal

The chairman of the National Council in DP, deputy Edi Paloka, has commented on the current political situation in the country.

Paloka in a Skype connection to News24 states that she no longer follows Lulzim Basha, but that she only sees him through memes. According to him, the rights of the opposition in the country are being violated.

 "Citizens must stand up in protests for their rights and for a better place for their children. There is no normalcy in the Parliament, because the rights of the opposition are being violated every day. I only see Lulzim Basha through memes. I mean it for real, I don't say it as a joke.

Once in the meme, he comes out between two goals that crush him. We have the president of the DP, he is Sali Berisha, who is being attacked by the majority because he is the real opponent of the government. Under these conditions, we want Berisha as president. The process against Berisha is political.

In the future, I don't know what will happen, I might be the president, it might be Bardhi, we might not be in politics, I don't know how to say that," said Paloka.

Regarding the protest in front of Tirana City Hall, Paloka estimated that more people should have been present, since we are all stolen by corrupt officials.

"It is a justice directed by Edi Rama. Stealing so openly in broad daylight is the arrogance of people who are not afraid of justice, because they say they protect us above. They didn't think that they might need Rama one day. It is directed justice, which is in the interest of the one who plays this game.

For Meta's 700,000 euros, which later the court decided that even the footage was not true, it all happened on January 21. In the protest in front of the City Hall, half of Tirana should have been there, because everyone is stolen. Veliaj is a pawn of Edi Rama, their connections with Soros make them "mating", because I don't believe they love each other very much. I have said that SPAK is like State Security.

Rama is using SPAK as Enver Hoxha used Sigurimi. This government goes from scandal to scandal. I would trust SPAK, if at least Rama e Veliaj were called for these scandals, but they have not been called even once as persons who have knowledge, nor dare I mention your name.

Even Olsi Ramës is immersed, his connection with the traffickers has been declared. Olsi Rama and Edi Rama should both go to prison. We want technical government. We are preparing for the confrontation", declared Paloka.

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