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The WB calls the Territorial Reform a failure, Bozdo: Rama's reform has reduced services for citizens

The WB calls the Territorial Reform a failure, Bozdo: Rama's reform has

The member of the Presidency of the DP Enno Bozdo, in a statement to the media, states that even the World Bank has described the Territorial Reform as a failure.

Bozdo emphasizes that the reform initiated by Prime Minister Edi Rama has reduced services for citizens. According to him, Rama is using 13 thousand patronages more, which has a negative impact on Albanians.

Statement :

The World Bank has spoken clearly. According to a recent report, the Territorial Reform, otherwise the significant reduction in the number of municipalities, has failed miserably. This unilateral reform and without political consensus, far from what Edi Rama and his government claim, has significantly reduced services for citizens, especially in rural areas.

According to the World Bank, Edi Rama's territorial reform has: '…resulted in deficient public services in critical areas, including water supply, waste management, public transport, education, childcare and disaster response –…'

The World Bank adds that: '..most local authorities have proved incompetent... and therefore the services provided are inadequate and of low quality of service. This has had a direct negative impact on human capital, the environment and economic opportunities…'

This is how the territorial reform was achieved, an indisputable success according to Edi Rames, a serious failure according to DP and the World Bank.

Not only have public funds not been saved, as Rama promised in 2015, but the number of employees from around 19 thousand before the reform, has gone over 32 thousand after the reform. As is clearly understood, the difference of 13,000 employees is nothing but 13,000 patrons that Rama is proud of everywhere.

According to calculations, a patronage of this type costs Albanians, including salary and social security, about 4,500 euros per year. This is the new, brutal and unsophisticated way of buying votes in the first place, with public money, in the justification of reforms of this type.

What is even more blatant is the fact that the territorial reform was carefully programmed, so that in its genesis, it was a 'Trojan horse' for the opposition to lose local power at the table, despite the fact that Albanians do not receive services and that everyone accepts it that the reform has failed miserably and finally.

The common denominator of the failed reforms, which aim only to fill the pockets and buy the next elections with this money, in a carousel mechanism, is none other than Edi Rama. The common denominator of massive robbery, international corruption, vote theft and the depopulation of Albania is and remains Edi Rama. And as long as he governs, we won't even have free elections.

For this reason, the opposition, united in their goal, must seek the technical government as a guarantor for the minimum standard of future elections. Albanians must and will vote freely, because only a free vote really enables rotation!

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