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Berisha: Rama's conversations with Arben Ndoka, Rrajat, Shullazi were hidden by Skapi's mercenaries

Berisha: Rama's conversations with Arben Ndoka, Rrajat, Shullazi were

Berisha: Friends, we must call the enemy an enemy and face him tooth for tooth.
Once again, for you and the Albanians, for the free vote, death is freedom.
My friends, this is the motive that has inspired, this has been the leitmotif of freedom fighters against every invasion in all times.
Look at what he's doing, he started the vote executioners, he started them in Dubai, he started them around the world and he beat his chest because I issued the arrest warrant.
O coward, this act you did will never be forgiven.
PD will file international files against Edi Rama and Altin Zaman.
You heard it, I believe you read the shocking testimony of a man who dedicated his life to the fight against crime.
Of a prosecutor who dared to demand the arrest of Saimir Habil, the trafficker.
What did he witness yesterday for the public in an act of high civic conscience and high civic courage?
He told the public that from 2014 onwards, these hated mafia families, murderers, rapists, hostage-takers, were under investigation, were in recordings communicating with the highest levels of politics, with Edi Rama, the chief criminal.
The highest levels of politics, and Altin Dumani, Altin Zamani, this brazen man who has only one preoccupation, changing the Constitution for his butt.
No, no, you will go where you belong because you are a criminal than any criminal when you hide electoral crimes.
When hiding monstrous crimes.
When hiding the terrible links between crime and politics!
My friends, it turns out that hundreds of conversations of Arben Ndoka, Rraja, Shullazi, etc. with Edi Rama and his suite were hidden by the mercenaries of Skapi.
And being forced by the law enforcement services of the EU member states, who have submitted the transcripts of the conversations in Encrochat, with which Taulant Balla kept two or three encrypted phones.
Edi Rama no less.
In which Edi Rama's trips to the highest ends of the earth in meetings with crime bosses appeared.
Zamani remembers that he will be able to bury them.

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