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Berisha: Duman seizes the assets of Jamarbër Malltez, but does not touch the assets of the thieving directors of Veliaj

Berisha: Duman seizes the assets of Jamarbër Malltez, but does not touch

"My friends, the directors of Erion Veliajt stole 38 million euros and this is only the tip of the iceberg of their theft.
Do you know, friends, that their 5-star hotel in Durrës is being upgraded every day?
Do you know you citizens that their Brisa in Dhërmi is waiting every day, built with the stolen money, every day is waiting for tourists.
Do you know that the other hotel is waiting and is full?
Because Altin Dumani is paid not to confiscate them seize the wealth decided on the theft of Albanians' money.
My friends, this human scum together with Kraja have seized everything belonging to Jamarbër Malltez, all the properties he inherited or settled even before the year 2000.
All without exception, by political order , because he took 410 meters of his grandparents' land in accordance with the law.
Aren't Dumani and Kraja supercriminals, thugs who lick the boots and shoes of others to get rich
? , tell me?
Order them here. They stole 100 percent of public procurement money.
Their assets are not affected by Dumani, they are not affected by Kraja.
The property of another, Edi Rama's enemy, is seized, even the one that was established years before he received 400 square meters of his grandparents' land.
What does this mean?
This means that this handful of criminals in power have no morals, no law, no dignity.
For them, boundless anger, civil disobedience is the only response of every honest Albanian.


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