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Berisha: Engjëll Agacit signs procedures prohibited by law to steal

Berisha: Engjëll Agacit signs procedures prohibited by law to steal

Chief Democrat Sali Berisha has directed other accusations against Engjëll Agac, stating that the latter "makes gifts of 30 hectares" and "signs on procedures prohibited by law, only to steal".


 "My friends, an enemy like this, which is stripping Albania of its Albanians, has never existed.

Today I was reading the birth rate in all European countries.

Albania, from the first five countries that stood in 2013, had fallen to the last 4 countries for birth rate.

My friends, in every office, be careful that you find a criminal or your enemy.

But what is the General Secretary, Don Agacio, the thief who makes gifts of 30 hectares, the thief who signs on procedures prohibited by law, just to steal.

The ruthless thief who signs procedures for awarding 8 points to non-existent companies.

Citizens, those you see on television, those you see in luxury and pomp in meetings, these are your enemies in disguise.

These have built their luster by stealing from you, by driving you away.

Take a look at the Renaissance ministers, the earth has never seen thieves like them.

Lefter Koka has become famous, but I guarantee you that compared to other ministers, Lefter is just a useful thief of the government, used to steal from everyone else", he said to his sympathizers.

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