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"Berisha is a political reality", Alizoti: In Germany, what is happening in Albania seems crazy

"Berisha is a political reality", Alizoti: In Germany, what is

The MP and member of the Presidency of the Democratic Party, Tomorr Alizoti, says that during his visit to Germany, it seems absurd that around 700,000 citizens of the opposition are not represented in the local elections.

"The history of the communist dictatorship is painful, but the biggest sadness is that the children of the Bloc dome are running the country today.

The visit to Berlin was focused on the Konrad Adenauer foundation, I met the cabinet of this foundation, I met the person in charge or the minister for the Balkans.

There is a change in Germany, which is a rational state, and there is an understanding that something unprecedented is happening in Albania, where the minority is governing the majority, and I hope that this will be resolved as soon as possible and that the right will unite and return to the direction of the country.

What is happening in Albania is something that is not rational and that does not happen in any other country, since a person who represents the opposition is not allowed to participate in the elections.

The opposition is not able to be represented and here in Germany it seems absurd where the CEC itself refuses to represent almost 700 thousand voters ", says Alizoti, invited to Syri TV.

He adds that the head of PD Sali Berisha is a political reality in Albania, despite the critical voices.

"In Albania, the attack is focused on the opposition and not on the government and the internationals are giving space to the government and not to the opposition, while in Germany I am glad that they are focused on Rama and the problems that this government is bringing to the country.

Whether Berisha wants it or not, it is a political reality in Albania, the fact that he is very important and is being talked about means that it is a political reality," said Alizoti.


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