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Berisha: Health issues are a national emergency, so we need a technical government

Berisha: Health issues are a national emergency, so we need a technical

Chief Democrat Sali Berisha emphasizes that health issues have become a national emergency today.

According to him, speaking at the civic gathering, the solution comes with a technical government, free elections, fair elections and the opposition in power.

Berisha : My friends, what happened to Albanians with free healthcare?
Albanians with free health care had to pay 60 percent for health care out of their own pocket.
But why? Yes, everything is stolen from the ministry of anti-health, from the ministry of death and evil.
Do you know that from Kovid due to the theft of hundreds of millions of euros with secret tenders by that lady who deserves to be called Mrs. Death, do you know that we had twice as many deaths as Kosovo. Twice as many deaths as Macedonia.
We climbed to the roof of the world for deaths from Covid. But why? That Rama and Odeta held secret tenders, tendered 50 respirators and received only 5.
That they bought at stratospheric prices to share the money.
That they turned Tirana and Albania into a hospital and did not admit the sick to hospitals.
Do you know that situation exists today in all health sectors. Yes Yes!
For the reason that when the minister steals, when the prime minister steals, when the director steals, others follow their way.
Have health issues become an emergency for this nation today? Of course, for those who are healthy, they are not. For those who do not have sick, they are not.
But for every family that has sick people, today health problems are the sharpest, most painful, most dramatic problems than in any other country.
Even in this context, the overthrow of this government is an emergency of all emergencies. Technical government, free elections, fair elections, opposition in power.

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