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Berisha: Kukësi is the poorest district in Europe, due to the policies that have been followed

Berisha: Kukësi is the poorest district in Europe, due to the policies that

The head of the Democrats, Sali Berisha, held a meeting with businesses in Kukës today. During the meeting, Berisha said that Kukësi has remained the poorest district because of the policies followed by the government.

The chief democrat said that Kukësi has the richest natural resources, but the government has implemented such policies that have left the county in place.

Berisha: It is a pleasure to discuss with you the basic problems of a society, business problems, in the presence of the candidate, the future mayor of the Municipality of Kukes, Mr. Emri Vata. Kukësi, the inhabitants of Kukës and the Kukës District, are today the poorest in Europe.

Here we are in the poorest region of Europe. And here, we are not in the poorest region of Europe than Lumjans, because Kuksians are not workers. It is the absolute opposite. Here we are not in the poorest region of Europe, this region does not have great potential and economic resources.

Kukësi has natural and economic resources as many times as the inhabitants. The economic resources of Kukës are a great contribution to the Albanian economy. But Kukësi is the poorest district and district in Europe, mainly because of the policies that have been followed towards this district, towards this district.

So, if you only see what is on the ground, here are the biggest mountain tourism potentials of Albania, among the biggest in the Balkans. Starting from Nikaj-Mërturi, ending in Peshkopi, in Korab.

But if you look at the development of this sector, this sector is almost non-existent, it is not more than 10 percent of its entire capacity. Kukësi has large mineral reserves, but like all other underground reserves, they have not been transformed and are not transformed into goods for the citizens, for their inhabitants. You have heard talk about Shpirag oil these days. In the old mentality and psychology, they want to present it as the golden spoon. The truth is that Shpiragu has oil and Shell has sanctioned it since the first drilling in 2012. The other three drillings have also confirmed it.

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