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"Berisha did not want the political prisoners to be released", reacts the leader of the DP: Rama defamatory disfigured

"Berisha did not want the political prisoners to be released", reacts

Prime Minister Edi Rama in his Podcast, where the singer Frederik Ndoci was invited, said, among other things, that Sali Berisha did not want the political prisoners to be released.

" We brought Kasem Trebeshina, the first political prisoner we saw as a real person. That Rita's party was against it. Outside were the cars of the domestic branch. I told them please don't leave without signing the petition for President Ramiz Ali at that time. The figure of Enver Hoxha should be revised and the political prisoners should be released. There were 700 people there. The petition was signed by 200 people. We took it to the Presidency, then we took it to Rilindja Demokratike, which did not publish it. Then the legendary leader of Rita, when we were at the Stadium, said: you have no place here because you want to get the scum of society out of prison, the political prisoners and the desolate Kasem Trebeshina said then he said: I'm leaving because the child was born dead . said Rama.

In relation to the statement, the leader of the PD Sali Berisha, who says that Rama is a disfigured slanderer, commented. According to him, Rama should condemn the firm for hanging his biological father.

The post of former Prime Minister Sali Berisha:

Reaction to a disfigured defamation!

Today, Edi Rama released the next defamation. According to him, Sali Berisha did not want the release of political prisoners. Such a banal slander has never been uttered by anyone else, except the disfigured slanderer Edi Rama. In December 1990, there were thousands and thousands of prisoners and political exiles in the prisons and camps of Albania.

The Democratic Party in all its protests across the country came out with the slogan "Free our brothers" and denounced in the international arena the deception of Edi Rama's fathers that Albania had only 100 political prisoners. With her protests and denunciations, she managed to impose on the regime the release of political prisoners who, from prisons and camps, joined the ranks of the DP and were elected to all its leadership structures.

Edi Rama's slanders and fabrications prove sheer insolence. But regardless of this, I ask him, if he has any shred of humanity left in his amorality, to condemn the executioner's signatures of his biological father, the criminal painter Kristaq Rama, for the public hanging of the dissident poet Havzi Nela and the execution of ordinary citizens of innocently as opponents of the Hoxha dictatorship. #sb

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