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Berisha: DP strongly denounces Rama's anti-NATO campaign, guarantees Ukraine that it will strongly support the war

Berisha: DP strongly denounces Rama's anti-NATO campaign, guarantees

Berisha : DP denounced Vladimir Putin's barbaric aggression against Ukraine with the greatest force since the first day.

But PD denounced with great force the double attitudes of Belgrade's argat in Tirana towards this war.

Edi Rama did not respond to NATO and EU sanctions against Putin's Russia from the beginning.

On the contrary, he opened the ports to Russian goods and contraband.

On the contrary, he opened the beaches to the Russian barbarians, who, after committing massacres against the citizens of Ukraine, came to the beaches of Edi Rama to regain their strength.

My friends, DP denounced with the greatest force the anti-NATO, anti-Albania campaign of Edi Rama, in defense of his boss Vucic, who went from summit to summit with the thesis that Serbia should not implement the sanctions.

With the thesis that it should not fall on Serbia's neck to implement Russia's sanctions.

With the thesis that Serbia is better than Little Russia, a major danger to peace, only because it was a vassal, the slanderous argat of the Serbian Vucic.

DP, according to the party of Western vocation, without question has one of the greatest merits in history, Albania's membership in NATO.

It was the North Atlantic Alliance that forced Edi Rama to take the turn, otherwise he would face the most serious consequences.

That's why this characterless person, Vučić's argot, sewed his mouth, closed his mouth, gave up lobbying for Belgrade.

And this is the great merit of NATO.

But this is also the merit of DP, which aligned Albania in the North Atlantic alliance.

Bowing with the greatest respect before the heroism, the sacrifice of hundreds of thousands of fighters of Ukraine, its citizens, expressing the belief that this war will never be won by Putin, by the barbarians, PD guarantees the people of Ukraine and its government that it will support with all their power their just struggle and that in Albania, it will fight with the greatest determination against any trend, any effort, any pro-Russian tendency from any.

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