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Berisha presents the candidate of the coalition for the Municipality of Kruje: On May 14, we sign the change of our lives

Berisha presents the candidate of the coalition for the Municipality of Kruje:

Sali Berisha was present in Krujë, where he presented the "Together We Win" coalition candidate for the Municipality of this city, Agron Lokë.

In his speech before the audience, he thanked the residents of Kruja and Fushë Kruja for their support to the Democratic Party. Berisha guaranteed that the trust that the citizens have given to Agron Loka, will be returned with great dedication to services, vision and change of this area.

"Dear democrats and democrats, citizens and citizens, residents of the municipality of Krujë and Fushë Krujës, brothers and sisters, ladies and gentlemen. First of all, a boundless gratitude to you for this fiery reception, which is an inspiring message for democrats and democrats, for Albanians and Albanians wherever they are today. A message that inspires, change, victory, pluralism, the future."

"I bow down with great respect to you, the people of Kruja, the residents of Kruja and Fushë Kruja, for the great, very valuable support you have given to the PD in whole decades. It is for the PD a great pride, a gratitude limitless.
I have a special honor, a special pleasure to present before you, Agron Loka, candidate for the first citizen of this city, which stands at the peak of our national history."

"It is an honor to be the first citizen everywhere, but it is a very special honor to be the first citizen of Kruja of Skënderbeu, the Kruja of history, of Kruja that ennobles Albanians with nobility, perseverance, inspires with generosity, with a hardworking spirit, but above all inspire every Albanian for invincible spirit and victory."

"Agron Loka comes here before you as a candidate voted for by your free vote, as a candidate that you trusted, that you approved, approved as the future mayor. Agron together with all the other candidates throughout the country , are the candidates of the citizens, the candidates of freedom."

"Those elections that were called primaries were not perfect, but I guarantee you that they were many times better than the fact that we gather today in front of your candidate, than in front of a candidate of mine, or of the presidency in Tirana. This is democracy ."

"But in this way we also, all together, make our representation the most fair. The man we vote for knows that he is there with our vote, that he has obligations to us and to us he is and will remain a devoted servant."

"I guarantee you that Agron Loka, the trust you have given and will give, will return it with great dedication in services, in management, in vision, change of Kruja, Fushë Kruja and all the municipalities of this municipality."

"I guarantee you that Agron Loka will do everything to use every penny of your taxes, every source of income it creates, with the greatest transparency, for the change of Kruja, the villages, Fushë Kruja, business, farmers, life as a whole ."

"Kruja has extraordinary potential, touristic, agricultural, industrial potential, but the most extraordinary potential of Kruja lies in the people of Kruja, in their working spirit, their creative spirit. So sign the change and by signing the change on May 14, we sign the change of our lives, the change of our well-being, of farms, businesses, employment, the services we deserve," declared Berisha.

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