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Berisha publishes the scandal: SPAK invited Bolino as a false witness in the 'Partizani' file

Berisha publishes the scandal: SPAK invited Bolino as a false witness in the

Chief Democrat Sali Berisha has again denounced the violations found in connection with the 'Partizani' file. In a statement to the media, Berisha said that SPAK has also invited the Italian publisher Carlo Bollino as a false witness in the investigations of this file.

Berisha : In addition, there are serious violations of the contract. Article 5, item 13 has been violated. Remember, the contract is the law.

Breach of contract is a violation of the law.

This point states that the lessee, at the time of termination of this contract, must hand over the property undamaged. The tenant with Edi Rama flattened the property, destroyed the property they took.

In addition, there is another very significant breach of contract. Bolino takes a loan, the contract prohibits that the lessee cannot encumber the property subject to this contract under any circumstances. So, can not leave collateral, public property.

But Biolino takes a loan from Abi Bank, a bank with family tentacles, as you yourself know, Ms. Rama, a powerful member of the board of this bank, takes it as if she had her own private property.

All this proves that we are dealing with an open public theft.

But there is also a very interesting aspect. Rama imprisoned Jamarbër Malltezi as a political opponent, who took 408 square meters from his legitimate property without any personalized decision in a 15-year time frame.

If Karlo Bolino was adopted by the Begeja family, he would benefit from no more than 408 square meters.

But his twinning or adoption with Edi Rama, means that Bolino receives only from the property of Begejave, three times more than Jamarbër Malltezi.

This without Edi Rama being either adopted or the owner of that plot of land.

But the problem is that they have the SKAP, composed of laro, from an organized criminal group, who also invite Bolino as a false witness in the 'Partizani' file.

Instead of Bolino getting what he deserves, together with Rama, for the open robbery of 5 thousand square meters - now they sit and discuss Bolino with Rama whether it was public or private - I tell you that I clarified, the land was to private individuals, a part of about 1 thousand meters belonged to the Begejs, the rest to other families. However, when the families made the documents for the land, they were told by the municipality that we plan to build a gymnasium. And they have generously waived the demands for the return of the property and there was a plan, as you know, to build a gymnasium.

So, the land left by the families for sevap, to build the school, is looted by two thieves, who have no knowledge of din and imam, and they also loot endowments to enrich themselves with land.

So the one who took 1 billion 577 million meters of returned and compensated land, took 400 meters of his own land, that of his grandparents, is arrested and imprisoned, while thieves like Rama and Bolino took from his family's land 3 times more land and enjoy 5 thousand meters of looted land with personalized decisions.

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