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Berisha: Technical government, the opposition's obligation to the Albanians

Berisha: Technical government, the opposition's obligation to the Albanians

The head of the DP, Sali Berisha, in his file in the protest against the security measure for him, emphasized that the creation of a technical government before the next parliamentary elections is an "absolute obligation" of the opposition to create the conditions for a free electoral process. .

"We are people of truth. We know that with Edi Rama there are no elections, but we know that we will never cast our vote, we will not hand it over. Therefore, the technical government is our absolute obligation, before every Albanian, before Albania, before our future, ready for all the sacrifices we give to Albanians, the free vote, the dignity they deserve", said Berisha.

The chief democrat promised that the government of the Democratic Party will ensure the reduction of university fees as well as scholarships for them.

"I guarantee young women and men that there will no longer be a butcher's knife above their average, that university fees will be reduced, not once or twice, but 5 times. It will be reduced 5 times, my word of honor and that every student will have the scholarship equal to a salary to live normally. These are just some of the measures we will take if we want to survive as a nation. And we want to survive as a nation. We are an ancient nation, we don't have to disappear because our enemies with Edi Rama want to exterminate us peacefully", he said.

Berisha said that Albania will be the country of freedom and human rights, and that the power of the DP will be the power of the Albanian youth. Rama accused the government of being a monist regime that collaborates with crime and depopulates Albania.

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