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Berisha: Rama has signed 4 personalized decisions for the robbery of land with Bolino

Berisha: Rama has signed 4 personalized decisions for the robbery of land with

The head of the Democratic Party, Sali Berisha, continued his denunciations against Prime Minister Edi Rama, accusing him of using power for personal interests.

In a statement with journalists, Berisha clarified the previous denunciation that Rama has signed 4 and not three personalized decisions for the robbery of the land together with Carlo Bolino, the Italian owner of a TV in Tirana.

Berisha : For the robbery of about 5 thousand meters of land from Rama and Bolino, from October 2019 to July 2020, Edi Rama did not sign 3 decisions as we had presented twice before in this hall, but he signed 4 decisions customized to rob the land along with Bolino.

Journalists have also found another decision, which is decision number 589, dated 22.7.2020, with which Edi Rama intervenes again in the contract signed before the first decision with Karlo Bolino.

With these decisions, Edi Rama enters the Guinness book for the use of his firm in 4 decisions for open public theft together with Karlo Bolino.

In addition to the four decisions signed by Edi Rama himself and personalized for Bolino, 3 other government firms have been found, one of Rama in the construction permit and two of Ms. Anila Denaj in the contract and construction permit, all of these for the acquisition of 5 thousand square meters of land from Bolino, of course for Rama.

Investigative journalists clearly proved with documents in the Plug show, how Edi Rama turned the state into the service of the power of his friend, Bolino.

As I said above, I presented to you the truth that Edi Rama never in his life, had signed one after the other from October 2019 to July 2020, four personalized decisions to forgive Bolino of him, of course to steal for himself the 4900 meters of land, which cost at least 1.2 million euros.

The land that was stolen with 4 personalized government decisions for the Bolino company, signed by Edi Rama, in the regulatory plan of the city of Tirana was planned for a gymnasium in a community of 60 thousand inhabitants that did not have such a gymnasium.

With the last VKM that was presented today, Edi Rama changes the VKM dated 6.5.2020, changes the contract again. And what is written in the change?

It says that the change is for minimal total reconstruction. There is no one who can decipher this word, at a time when with the first decision, Rama approves the contract in which it was about the reconstruction of three buildings. And the contract with Bolino was their reconstruction.

Meanwhile, two months after the first decision, Rama gives the construction permit. So, the contract is a reconstruction, while this is a construction permit, which in all the laws of the country is given by the municipality, but for his personal property with Bolino, it is signed by Edi Rama himself. And surprisingly, the minister of the family, Denaj, also signs it. Mrs. Anila Denaj.

Rama knows what the minister wants with the construction permit. That this should be completely a legal attribute of the Municipality of Tirana.

But, after the construction permit, Rama issues the third decision, in which, contrary to the contract, which was for reconstruction, he orders the demolition of the buildings, seriously violating the articles of the contract. And he does this after he had given the construction permit.

But what is more special, that two months after ordering the demolition of buildings with the third VKM, with the fourth VKM, Rama orders the total minimal construction.

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