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Berisha: Rama deserves to respond with all our strength, to block him in every link of his operation

Berisha: Rama deserves to respond with all our strength, to block him in every

" Kamza has an extraordinary role in this battle. Battle without return means civil disobedience.
He, who violates our every right, deserves to be answered with all the force, to block him in every link of his operation.
This he wants us to declare total war against the dictatorship, this requires us to stand up with courage. He has declared war on us, he wants to eradicate our identity, he denies our rights, he has taken over all the powers one by one.
What do we expect more? All of us in the battle.
We started the battle in the parliament and you saw that it had the first successes. I guarantee you that the success of the parliament will be multiplied, when Kamza, Tirana, Gjirokastra, Kukësi, Tropoja and the whole of Albania.
We must not hesitate, we must start the battle as soon as possible. Because every month that passes, we descend lower, we become more oppressed, we become poorer. He has
thrown down the gauntlet, he has done everything against us, now it's our turn.
Now it's time to defend the vote. You can't vote with Edi Rama.
If we want to restore pluralism to Albania, if we want to make Albania a place of hope, to restore our freedoms, our rights, the time is today, the call is today more than ever, to organize, to let's get up, let's obey this dictatorship.
I guarantee you that there is no force in the world that can separate us from victory, and there will not be.
The call to you is to rise to the level of the extraordinary role that you have in this battle. Because it is not an easy battle. We don't take it like that.
But it is a holy battle, it is a mission, to overthrow a dictatorship, it is the mission of all missions.
Toppled one by one all our achievements during these 10 years, everything is done for his power and enrichment.
It will not be investigated, he appears in front of you and says: what's up, I travel on that plane for work, lie, lie, lie!
With that plane, in two years with 140 trips, he spent 22 million euros. Let's investigate, let's get the bills, how much did the flight cost you, how much did the parking cost, how much did all the expenses cost you. He cannot do it, he does not accept the commission.
Does not accept the commission for sterilization. Did you know that the sterilization procedure, according to KLSH, has increased the price of sterilization 83 times? He has increased it, made it 4 times higher than in Germany.
These acts cannot pass without being investigated, without being brought before you. He doesn't accept, we have to impose on him.
Time calls us today more than ever. This battle requires courage, this is the battle of the brave.
I understand that you will have people around you who tell you that they cannot commit. It's okay, he's still scared. But you as a brave person with your example, I guarantee that you will inspire him and many others and our movement, our battle without turning back will surely go towards victory."

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