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Berisha: Rama undid the achievements of December 8 one by one. Rebirth, revenge against democracy

Berisha: Rama undid the achievements of December 8 one by one. Rebirth, revenge

The Democratic Party organized a Book Expo today at the blue headquarters within the framework of December 8, Youth Day.

Chief Democrat Sali Berisha, in his speech, emphasized that December 8 had a defining role for Albania, opening a new era.

Remembering the abandonment of Albania by the youth during the Rama government, Berisha said that the leader of the socialists canceled December 8, showing revenge against democracy.

"We gather today in this activity for December 8, to honor December 8, 1990, the date which, after the independence of Albania, had the most defining role for the Albanian nation. In history there is no other second date, which brought for the Albanians, an era that they had never experienced before. Nation of centuries of imperial rule, dominated by empires, kingdoms, Stalinist dictatorships.

On December 8, the students started their movement, a movement that would divide the eras for Albanians.

The student movement of December 8 has its own peculiarities, which distinguish it from all the anti-communist movements of Eastern Europe. This movement was entirely a revolt movement inspired by the ideals of young Albanian students.

There was no party, no organization that called them or organized them. They stood up to the dictatorship, thanks to their epic courage. They came face to face with the dictatorship for their ideals of freedom, which they did not know. They were born and raised in a dictatorship.

Freedom for them was an aspiration, stemming from their conscience, from their ideals. When they came out, they faced a brutal dictatorship, which, however tired, executed their peers every week at the border. And not only that, but he dragged the bodies of the fallen youths to the squares of the cities to experience terror and fear.

In these conditions, the students started their battle and that day we found ourselves in front of them on the 9th, with Besnik Mustafa, Kujtim Çashku and someone else. We faced a scene never seen before in our lives. There were a group of 700, 800 or maybe 1 thousand female students. But they were a group of 1 thousand heroes.

We had never read, we had never seen such a large number of heroes, who had in front of them the fiercest tools of the dictatorship, its machetes. And they rushed upon them cruelly, beat them in the most barbarous manner, but invincible, undefeated, they would gather again in the afternoon in battle against the dictator.

But, as Jack Goldstone says, the dictatorship takes revenge and few were the ones who realized why Edi Rama called it Renaissance and what Edi Rama's rebirth meant in the electoral campaign and after 2013. Edi Rama's rebirth, if it was not understood then, it was undoing, it was revenge against democracy.

In 10 years, he managed to undo, one by one, the achievements of December 8. He decisively managed to establish in Albania a narcocracy, a gang dictatorship" , declared Berisha.

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