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Berisha tells what will happen tomorrow in the Assembly

Berisha tells what will happen tomorrow in the Assembly

Chief Democrat Sali Berisha has declared that in tomorrow's plenary session, the opposition will continue the scenario of civil disobedience.

" It is not absolutely us who have hindered the discussions on the budget, but on the contrary we have organized with the best specialists of the country, three televised debates where our experts have expressed their suggestions and opinions on the budget. For the first time that Edi Rama's deputies left the headquarters, they rushed to a club with a pan of baklava. They justified themselves that the budget symbolizes abundance, as they enjoyed the baklava. Their contempt for the citizens, that we never interrupted an extended debate with the citizens, but Rama could not go to the citizens, because they would jump at his throat. He chose closure.

Civil disobedience is the watchword of the opposition's relentless battle in Parliament. We continue the battle. ", Berisha said.

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