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Small business in the meeting with Berisha: Protests and strikes, the government must be stopped!

Small business in the meeting with Berisha: Protests and strikes, the government

Chief Democrat Sali Berisha met with representatives of small businesses. The main message that small Albanian businesses addressed to the Democratic Party are strikes and protests. This request was made during their meeting in the blue headquarters.

The DP press office informs that small businesses highlighted at the meeting a dramatic drop in their income, as never before in these 30 years. They accused the anti-business policies of the Rama government, which have caused the number of businesses that close their activity to reach record numbers.

The concerns they raised were: The increase in municipal taxes, the doubling of social obligations compared to 2013, the abusive tripling of the price of fuel and the price of electricity, the frequent change of the fiscal and regulatory framework that goes up to 23%, unfair competition from the centers commercial as well as the hidden costs of fiscalization.

The small Albanian enterprise has strongly accused the anti-business policies of the Rama government which have massively bankrupted it. Small entrepreneurs, farmers and Albanian family businesses have accused the Rama government of "leaving them on the streets", according to them, by not providing them with the promised support both after the earthquake and during the pandemic.

With the state's abusive increase in the price of energy and oil, small business raises the alarm that it is heading towards total bankruptcy. Small and medium-sized businesses testify to an alarming situation of human resources as well.

The mass emigration of the population has caused the business to encounter the impossibility of finding a qualified but also seasonal workforce, which has a more negative impact on this mass murder of the Albanian entrepreneurial spirit.

The Democratic Party has announced that it will stand by the call for protests. To the representatives of the Small Business Association, Berisha guaranteed that in parallel with the electoral organization in the framework of the upcoming elections, DP will strongly support and by any means, any civic, trade union, academic or business movement that seeks to end anti-national and depopulating policies of Edi Rama.

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