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Budget of Tirana, Alimehmeti: Not for education, public services, fires, but for the pockets of a few people

Budget of Tirana, Alimehmeti: Not for education, public services, fires, but for

Ilir Alimehmeti, Chairman of the Democratic Councilors in the Municipality of Tirana, has made it transparent to the citizens of Tirana in particular, where the budget of the Municipality of Tirana is focused for this year, of the municipality led by the socialist Erion Veliaj.

Drawing a parallel between the ups and downs of where the funds have been directed, Alimehmeti observed that the increases have benefited precisely those expenses that go into the pockets of a few people and the decreases, all direct services for citizens.

"The only expenses that have increased are the expenses for the administration, for the Municipal Police (which there is nothing wrong with increasing because they are enforcing the laws, but the laws are not set correctly, not in favor of the citizens) as well as for incinerators. These are the only three items for which expenses have increased in 2024 by the municipality of Tirana.

What are the costs in Tirana reduced for?!

They are sitting for basic education, for our children. They are sitting for young people. They are seated for sport and entertainment. They are sitting for cultural heritage. They are sitting for public services. They are set for fire protection and they are set for flood protection and a number of other services that serve the citizen. "Every service that serves the citizen has decreased in the 20024 budget, and every service that serves the pockets of a few people has increased, starting from the first incinerator, where there is not a single brick placed ," he said.

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