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Bylykbashi "predicts" the end of Duman: SPAK will degrade

Bylykbashi "predicts" the end of Duman: SPAK will degrade

Democratic Party MP Oerd Bylykbashi said that SPAK has many opportunities to undo itself.

Invited to Euronews Albania, the deputy said that SPAK will begin to degrade because according to him, since there are few prosecutors, there is a risk that they will create "a brotherhood" which, according to him, could be corrupt.

"The fact that it's a group of bottles where it's all gathered there, with the big scum and the little scum. This will begin to degrade itself, it will be politically selective, it will be selective, far from it, there is nothing strange about being corruptly selective.

In any form, even from crime. There are few. They are a group of people who have a big risk, to put their shoulders to each other, to create a corrupt brotherhood or who have divided their minds on who will be the politician and then govern the country ", said Bylykbashi.



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