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"Technical government", Bozdo: July 11 protest a warning

"Technical government", Bozdo: July 11 protest a warning

The member of the Presidency of the DP, Eno Bozdo, declares that the July 11 protest will demand, in addition to the release of the opposition leader, Sali Berisha, a technical government that will lead the country towards the 2025 elections.

In News24, Bozdo said that Edi Rama and this government we have cannot guarantee free and fair elections.

"We will force Edi Rama, but we must convince the international factor and the Albanians. This is the first protest, it is a warning about what the opposition wants", said Bozdo.

According to him, a technical government is neither the dissolution of parliament nor Edi Rama continuing to hold the post of Prime Minister. "We asked and we ask for a technical government. On July 11 we will be in the square, then on the next 11 we will be in the square again and so on ," said Bozdo.

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