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Will it be on July 7 for Berisha's interests? Salianji: I will always protest to overthrow Rama

Will it be on July 7 for Berisha's interests? Salianji: I will always

Democrat MP Ervin Salianji is one of the MPs who has confirmed his participation in the July 7 protest called by Sali Berisha.

Invited to "Information Radar", in Abc, Salianji was asked if he participates in this protest for Berisha's interests, referring to the statements of Enkelejd Alibeaj, or Gazment Bardhi.

Salianji said that this protest is made for the citizens and that he will always be in protest when it comes to overthrowing Edi Rama.

" I do not comment on any statement of any colleague, especially where everyone chooses whether he will be involved or not, I will be in every protest against Edi Rama, but also the PD deputies must be. Even for formality the deputies had to be in the groups issued as an act that shows a kind of care in the working groups.

In politics everyone has an interest, and obviously politics in a democracy works in such a way that when the interests of the party coincide with those of the citizens, the government is overthrown. Prices in Albania rose before the first rifle in Ukraine exploded. But Albania has the highest taxes on oil, on the other hand there is no kind of subsidy, it has set up boards that serve the oligarchs.

The government in this period has taken more money from the citizens. If Albanian families can not do it, they have spent more money than in previous years, the government has earned 340 million euros more, so it has transferred the crisis into the pockets of citizens. "So today I will not give this money to the citizens, but I will give it to the oligarchs", said Salianji .

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