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"Dumani political spokesperson", Meta: He threatened Ahmetaj when he hit Rama and Veliaj

"Dumani political spokesperson", Meta: He threatened Ahmetaj when he

The chairman of the Freedom Party, Ilir Meta, said that Altin Dumani is controlled by Edi Rama and Engjëll Agaçi.

Meta said that I did the justice reform when it was approved with 140 votes, while Rama in cooperation with Lulzim Basha did what they elected Arta Marku as Chief Prosecutor with 69 votes.

 "Dum Dumani is spoiling the image of SPAK. Dumani is an administrator of SPAK, he does not have to influence any of the prosecutors. Duman has become a political spokesman.

When Arben Ahmetaj gave the blow to Edi Rama and Erion Veliaj, Duman gathered the journalists the next day and told them: expect there will be surprising developments for Arben Ahmetaj. Why did he do this?

So it was a threat to Arben Ahmetaj and it was a message to tell him to shut up, don't harass Edi Rama, because he put me here as the leader of SPAK.

On the same day that he made the threat to Ahmetaj, Duman also spoke about CEZ-DIA, mentioning my name several times.

He investigates me and I will investigate him generation after generation, and anyone who does political pressure. It is not personal that the Courts are used to get the stamp of the DP, it is not personal that you try to hit Ilir Meta", said Meta.

He said that Duman is getting tired of arresting the directors of the Municipality to save Erjon Veliaj, he is arresting and investigating ministers and former ministers to save Edi Rama. "Is he brave, let him call Edi Rama there", said Meta.

The head of the PL said that Dumani has gone too far, mentioning my name so much and taking people to me to leave Albania.

"I thought and hoped that this Dumani would do something, but the truth is that what he did with the journalist Elton Qyno is very serious, since they conduct investigations with direction, some delete them and some investigate them", said Meta in the show "Çim Peka Live" on Syri TV.

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