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Two words for western friends

Two words for western friends

By Grigels Muçollari

The reaction of the citizens, of the group "Alliance for the Protection of the Theater" and of the Opposition, after the corruption scandal in the Municipality of Tirana is not only legitimate, but several degrees below the brutality with which the most trusted people of Erion Veliaj have abused their trust , the duty, and have put their hands in the citizens' taxes.

What is unfortunately noticed is that there is still a kind of apathy among people, who have lost faith in the idea that Veliaj and Rama, although openly shown as responsible for the abuse, are still not affected by justice.

In this situation, what was least expected is that the main partner embassies, which love Albania, come out in defense of an official caught in theft.

With their attitude, they have aroused extreme irritation in the public.

What would have been the citizens' demonstration in Washington, Brussels, Rome, London, Berlin or Paris, if the Mayor was kept immune from justice, would not be investigated, when his main collaborators, chosen by him, with whom he shared power, they would have been caught taking public funds to that extent, and with such delicacy.

We know this, we don't need to imagine it. We know, because European and American citizens have set fire to the country, for less than that. And every time arbitrariness or abuse of power has been seen.

Why do the ambassadors of partner and friendly countries think and suggest that this should not happen in Tirana. Why do they suggest that we should not react when we see a theft of this magnitude, a dereliction of duty on these levels?

Their intervention on Friday has unfortunately left them very one-sided. Their attitude is almost insulting, claiming that we are not as westernized as they are, to turn an institution upside down when it is caught red-handed stealing citizens' money.

In the situation we are in today, with democracy damaged by authoritarianism, with unfair elections and manipulated votes, with all the powers in one hand, in one man, the citizens, people rightly expect to see the embassies of the countries friend, an instance where they can appeal, a guarantee for violated rights and for violence by the authorities.

Instead, they find and see, lawyers of the government, lawyers of the mayor, lawyers of the statesmen who have classified Albania as one of the most corrupt countries in Europe.

Thus, they do not help the country, they do not assist Albania in the biggest challenge it faces, which is corruption.

This is unfair. European friends do not have to look for other principles and values ​​in our country, different from the countries they come from.

The West has fought for freedoms and rights, for transparency and integrity in government, more than us. And we are within our right to fight this battle.

If they don't want to protect the citizens, at least they don't side with the corrupt governors.

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