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'Doubling the salary for teachers', Xixho presents the Freedom Party's plan

'Doubling the salary for teachers', Xixho presents the Freedom

Freedom Party MP Erisa Xixho has presented the Freedom Party's plan for education.

Xixho says that PL envisages doubling the salary for teachers. According to her, if the Freedom Party comes to power, teaching will be considered a priority branch.

The post of MP Erisa Xixho:

Education needs a deep reformation and the Freedom Party has the answer.

• Doubling of the budget for education.

• Scientific research and innovation.

• Investment in education and scientific research will be at the level of 5% of GDP, while today it is only 2.29% of GDP, being the lowest budget in the region.

• Teaching will be considered a priority branch. It will be accompanied by financial support for teachers and students.

• We will double the salary for teachers. • On the other hand, innovation in Albania will be financed above the average of the European Union, since the challenges that the students will have to face will have to prepare them for the future.

• Technology and information branches will be trained with priority investments. But we will also have a deep reformation of the curricula since illiteracy among our children has increased significantly.

This program is enough to rebuild together the already failed education system. There is no more time to waste! Youth needs hope and hope returns with a concrete program that the Freedom Party already has with its 5 priorities.

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