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"Erion Veliaj, the cancer of Tirana", Alimehmeti: Steal, rob, corrupt, his motto

"Erion Veliaj, the cancer of Tirana", Alimehmeti: Steal, rob, corrupt,

The head of the group of opposition councilors in the Tirana City Council, Ilir Alimehmeti, said that the mayor Erion Veliaj is the cancer of Tirana, he is the main tumor of Tirana

In the speech held at the civic gathering in support of the chief democrat Sali Berisha, Alimehmeti said that just like cancer that thinks to grow with greed, they also think of how to increase corruption in the Municipality of Tirana.

 "Just like cancer, they steal every public fund through the phantom incinerator, through '5D', through everything. They are there only for one mission: to capture everything, to occupy every space of Tirana, they only think of devouring everything", Alimehmeti said.

He said that these throw metastases, which are called strategic investors in the case of these of the Municipality of Tirana.

"Their mission is to steal, rob and corrupt. What should we do with cancer? Did the cancer go away on its own? The cancer must be removed an hour before. So this is the reason why we are here today and tomorrow we will be in front of the Municipality of Tirana", Alimehmeti said.

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