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Fasonets in bankruptcy, Teliti: Rama to approve DP's proposal for direct financial support

Fasonets in bankruptcy, Teliti: Rama to approve DP's proposal for direct

The Advisor for Economic Affairs in DP, Dorjan Teliti, has reacted through a post on social networks, regarding the abandonment that the Government continues to do to the farmers, the concern over their mass bankruptcies and the loss of tens of thousands of jobs.

Teliti denounces the fact that the new sovereign guarantee is worthless and will have the same fate as those undertaken in the period of Covid-19.


The government announces the criteria for the sovereign guarantee. Already certain: abandoned fashions and heading for BANKRUPTCY.

For years, the fashioners have been suffering massively from taxes, duties and especially from the significant devaluation of the euro.

Over 700 manufacturing enterprises operating in Albania every day do only two things, either declare bankruptcy, or in the best case cut jobs, mainly female heads of families who feed and educate their children with that salary.

After years of silence and abandonment, the government finally came out with voice and image and promised a support package for the fasons, but what do you see...disappointment and mockery.

Fact: He did nothing but approve a sovereign guarantee to take on debt upon debt, in other words: sink deeper into the debt pit.

Fact: Today, when we see the approved criteria of this sovereign guarantee, it is clear as crystal that this sovereign guarantee will have the same fate as those sovereign guarantees of Covid-19, totally worthless for honest people.

Apparently, the "political blindness" that has caught the eyes of the political leaders of the government and the municipality, who "cannot see" those who eat "allegedly behind their backs" plums, pears and figs, has been added to the "political deafness" to real problems of the local productive sector.

Today, more than ever, it is necessary for the government to accept our proposal for direct financial support to fashionistas and reduction/postponement of tax liability payments.

It is the only way to say stop bankruptcy, stop job losses, stop the abandonment of Albanian producers.

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