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The victory of democracy - the victory of free people

The victory of democracy - the victory of free people

From Jamarbër Malltezi

Today's decision is important not for Berisha or Basha, but for democracy.

Respect for the will of the citizen. The majority decides, the minority is respected.

Berisha faced alone, with all the corrupting power of Soros already in 2021. He did not ask for anything from any democrat.

Only when the DP wanted to mock him and assign him who he should keep as deputies and who not, in the middle of September 2021 he started his tours with only citizens and very few deputies.

They did everything not to broadcast it, but they added viewers to his Facebook and Syri TV, which showed it.

The democrats themselves organized and held an extraordinary assembly.

Over 5000 forms with signatures were submitted to DP, but unfortunately instead of being respected they were ignored because someone thought that Soros defines and not the Democrats. The Assembly is the body where we should all reflect and not continue the division and carnivals.

Today I saw endless happy people, simple democrats and deputies, many of those who 3 years ago thought differently today were together in joy.

The deputies got together and decided to listen to the simple democrats, those who decide, those who vote, those who protect the votes from Edi Rama's band of thieves.


Today we are all more mature, we have accepted not only to respect different opinions, but we have united in diversity as a value of democracy, not like Edi Rama who does not allow anyone to speak a word against what Edi Rama proclaims. (Could 1 socialist say 1 word against the incinerators that Rama announced as his pride while everyone knew what nationality he was from).

A long and unnecessary hostage taking of 2 years according to Edi Rama. A lot of wasted energy, but I think the strong turn will produce strong results! With God ahead!

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