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Lost the seal, Basha: I will also meet the mayors to make a decision

Lost the seal, Basha: I will also meet the mayors to make a decision

DP MP Lulzim Basha has finished after 2 hours of discussions the meeting with his Presidency, where the focus was on the decision they will take, after the decision of the Court of Appeal, which gave the seal of the party to Sali Berisha.

In a statement to the media after the meeting, Basha said that it is not over, but the College of Heads of Branches will join them and then they will come out with a decision.

"We proceeded with the meeting of the presidency, but we have not finished it. We will join the college of mayors. Everything I told you when I came in still stands. We will continue the meetings with the college of presidents and the presidency", said Basha.

Before the meeting, Basha declared that he will continue the battle, which he does neither for the logo nor for the chair, as he emphasized that he does not comment on the court's decision. Asked about the possibility of creating a new political force, Basha did not give a direct answer.

Basha: At the end of the day, we are not continuing this battle for logos or chairs, we have come together for something bigger. This is a battle of souls for the ideals of the Democrats. Today it is clearer than ever that Albania deserves more. We will do everything in our power to continue our battle for a better Albania. I do not comment on the court's decision.

We will discuss the decisions about the steps now with colleagues. All the decisions we will make will be in line with the commitment I made to the Democrats. The goal is to remove this government and open the perspective....

The question: How do we take this as a new political force?

Basha: Of an Albania that deserves much more than it has today.

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