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Basha lost the DP seal: I am the only serious opponent of Edi Rama

Basha lost the DP seal: I am the only serious opponent of Edi Rama

The former leader of the Democratic Party, Lulzim Basha, spoke to the media after losing the seal of the Democratic Party.

After a meeting with the heads of the branches, Basha said that in the meeting the position was expressed that the decision of the Appeal is unfair and not based on the law.

He added that only he is a serious opponent of Prime Minister Rama. 

Basha :  We want a European Albania. We are bound by the belief with the Albanians that they deserve the end of the painful cycle of transition. With this awareness, we will continue the dialogue with Albanians and democrats. What we have decided is not to leave anyone behind in this decision-making. This battle has never been about stamps and chairs. We will find the best way. It seems clear that a coalition of anti-values ​​is on the horizon and there is an alibi to keep Rama in power.

This government has reduced the spaces for public debate. PD and the Democrats will remove this government, if the decisions serve this purpose, we will move forward. We cannot keep old bargains. We fight for people's interests and not personal interests. If you know how I feel, I feel like a democrat and we have a responsibility to all those who fight this battle for democratic ideals. Rama had only Basha as his serious opponent.


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