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"Bazaars failed", Bardhi: SP turn amnesty into law to save corrupt officials

"Bazaars failed", Bardhi: SP turn amnesty into law to save corrupt

The head of the PD parliamentary group, Gazment Bardhi, commented on the withdrawal of the draft law on Criminal Amnesty from the agenda, as a failure of the socialists' bargains.

Bardhi told the media that the majority turned amnesty into a law to save corrupt officials.

Even the agreement for immigrants, Bardhi described as shameful, stressing that it violates national security, while regarding the protected areas law, the democrat said that Rama puts the country's wealth on the market.

"You saw that there was nothing good for the citizens on the agenda, but for laws made to order for the benefit of a handful of people, because they did not reach their bargains, they also removed the Criminal Amnesty, from a humanitarian law that should benefit citizens common in prison, they turned it into a law to amnesty corrupt officials. They also tried to deceive public opinion by billing the opposition. The second approved law was shameful for immigrants, this agreement exceeds the expectations of citizens for a good relationship with Italy because it violates national security and the third was the law of protected areas as it is planned to bring national assets to the market" , said Bardhi.

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