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Running against Veliaj, Kelliçi: My hands are clean, I have not signed any corrupt affairs

Running against Veliaj, Kelliçi: My hands are clean, I have not signed

The candidate of the "Together We Win" coalition for the May 14 elections, Belind Kelliçi, has spoken about his plans for Tirana.

For Blendi Fevziu, during an interview on the "Opinion" show, Kelliçi said that he based the campaign slogan on the concept of hands, since for the first time a candidate who has clean hands and has not been involved in any affair is coming to Tirana. corrupt.

Excerpts from the conversation:

Blendi Fevziu: As far as we have seen in the polls, in relation to Veliaj, you do not have the recognition that he has, also because of the longer career he has, coming as a minister. You are the only candidate for mayor who comes without a post. If I count them from 1996 onwards, all the challengers have been former ministers, former deputy prime ministers.

Belind Kelliçi: I believe this is one of my biggest advantages!

Blendi Fevziu: Is it an advantage or a disadvantage because there is a lack of administrative experience?

Belind Këlliçi: No, it is an extraordinary advantage because I also have the slogan of the campaign "Tirana in your hands, change in your hands", and I have based everything on the concept of hands in the sense that for the first time there is a candidate who has hands clean, I have not signed with my hands even a corrupt affair, nor even an illegality, and I judge that this is an extraordinary advantage for the citizen who follows us and is in the interest of the citizens.

Blendi Fevziu: I am telling you that as long as you have a bigger administration, after the prime minister, the person who administers the most is the mayor of Tirana. What experience do you have to manage a city of 1 million inhabitants?

Belind Kelliçi: It is a matter of will and a matter of vision. First of all, the reason why I can't be as well known as Veliaj is that I'm not on TV all day, I'm not doing shows, I'm not in any national media or not where important activities are interrupted for the mayor to come out with apron to distribute a plate of soup. I am not part of this mentality and this ideology. I am a person who works hard, I work hard, I am very dedicated and above all I consider myself also because of my training, my education in the USA, I consider myself a good manager who works with a team.


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