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Four dead in murders and assassinations, DP calls on Çuçi: To announce a concrete action plan or to resign!

Four dead in murders and assassinations, DP calls on Çuçi: To

The Democratic Party has reacted to the events of the last 24 hours which shook the country, causing four people to be killed.  

The Head of Organization in DP, Klevis Balliu, in a statement to the media, has called on the Minister of the Interior, Blendi Çuçi, to announce a concrete action plan or resign! 

Full statement:  

Four lives have been lost in the span of 24 hours in the cities of Albania.

Four dead in murders and assassinations, adding to a staggering statistic this summer. 

But when you go beyond the statistics and the murders themselves, you realize that something deeper threatens Albania.

The inability, helplessness, laziness, ambiguity and especially the incrimination of this government in relation to order and security.

See Elbasan, the town of Taulanti seeking an outpost, with two murders.

See Vlora, the city where the chief vizier is Edi Rama, with 2 easily killed, as if they were an order from the lunch menu.

Look at Ksamil, a small pocket that can be kept under control by 2 policemen at any time, it is not included in the crime map, since the Chuchi police are everywhere, but not where the problems are 

The Democratic Party calls for the Police to return to duty and the Minister of the Interior to announce a concrete action plan against the bloodshed or to resign! 

While we support and appreciate the work of the hundreds of uniformed officers who do their best for traffic, order and peace, we believe that their work and love for the country is bankrupted every day by the government and crime bosses.

It is time that both the murderous hand of crime and the free fall in which the Rama government has left order and security be stopped at all costs.

When the number of killers "run away in an unknown direction" is equal to the number of people killed, the government is more responsible than the gangs.


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