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Kelliçi: Every policeman who affects the citizens has a personal relationship with the opposition

Kelliçi: Every policeman who affects the citizens has a personal

The member of the Presidency of the DP, Belind Kelliçi, after the closure of the protest, said that the one who dares and touches the citizens who protest against the thefts and thefts of the mayor will face the strongest civic forces.

We do not stop, this battle will continue until the end. Erion Veliaj, who steals from the citizens of Tirana every day, will go before the law at any cost!

Part of today's speech at the protest:

The head of the State Police who speaks with a megaphone, shut up and go and arrest the thief Erion Veliaj in the office. Bandit!

That's how you called the police when they hit the protesting citizens last week, you will be repaid one by one for the violence against the protesters, against the DP deputies, for the violence against the councilors, against the citizens.

Every police officer who affects the citizens is personal with the citizens, personal with the PD, personal with the opposition.

You know very well, Muhamet Rrumbullaku, Tonin Vocaj, that thief of the municipal police, Ermal Kapllanaj, dare to touch the citizens, dare to touch the protesters.

You remembered that for 30 months you took the DP seal hostage, and we will stop.

On the contrary, we are stronger, more determined, and here you will face us.

Yesterday, dear citizens, we made public the next document proving the theft of Erion Veliaj with the Tirana incinerator.

If you remember that this charlatan, this clown who went to the studio, studied me saying that there is a study by the IFC and the World Bank, which did the treatment and processing of waste at 38 euros per ton and Veliaj did it at 29, it came out yesterday naked in front of the citizens as the truth is.

Yesterday we showed with facts and evidence that in 2014, the World Bank proposed a project to clean the city of Tirana, which included the entire city cleaning chain and waste disposal and processing, with only 38 euros per ton.

What is Erion Veliaj doing now that we are talking, he has raised the tariff to 95.8 euros per ton. This city pays 30 million euros a year to steal Erion Veliaj and not to clean the city.

And you think we will stop???

The entire management chain of the municipality of Tirana will go where it deserves.

Arli Naska, another thief, was reported to SPAK yesterday for stealing citizens' taxes.

If you think this battle is a facade, you are wrong.

Arben Maloku, who this week wandered around the courts beating his chest that the DP seal will not go to the Democrats and who stole and threatened the residents of Zall Herri, will go to his friends.

PD today is with its logo, its flag, with its people, in the battle for the truth, for Albania and all citizens.

No one has the battle with the police, dare to approach the citizens and touch them with your hand!

We will continue our battle. The battle for the truth. Erion Veliaj will go to his cellmates. At any cost, at any price, he will face justice!

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