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Kelliçi brings out the evidence: Veliaj paid from the money of the Municipality of Tirana, also for the remains of Kamza

Kelliçi brings out the evidence: Veliaj paid from the money of the

Belind Kelliçi, a member of the Presidency of the DP, has brought out new facts that prove how Veliaj, as the de facto owner of the incinerator, gives payments from the Municipality of Tirana also for the remains of Kamza.


In 2018, Kamëz municipality signed a concession contract for cleaning, collection, construction of a station and plant for waste treatment and disposal at the Sharra landfill, where the company would also undertake the Gate Fee payment of 29 eur/ton. This concession was won by the company Alko Impex.

This concession contract was followed by numerous violations that the Kamëz Municipality, under the leadership of Rakip Suli, never saw. We will not deal with Rakip today, since he, as he has declared himself, is very eager to appear in SPAK.

Today's statement will focus on Erion Veliaj's corruption with the remains of the Kamez Municipality. As shown in this e-mail, in March 2019, the Municipality of Tirana was informed that the tools of the Alko Impex company were caught depositing the waste of the Municipality of Kamëz in the Sharra landfill, declaring these as waste from the Combine area in Tirana. Waste which was invoiced and paid by the Municipality of Tirana. Erion Veliaj certainly did not take any measures.

On November 17, 2020, the show 'Inside Story' was published in a national media, where it was proven by voice and image that Kamza's remains were deposited as Tirana's waste and were paid for by Erion Veliaj.

1 week later, the General Director of Public Works in the municipality, Taulant Tusha, sends a letter to the incinerator of Tirana, for the information of the company, where he informed them that no more deposits would be accepted on behalf of the municipality, if the amount of 165 was exceeded tons of waste per day.

Here is the most flagrant communication of the employees of the Tirana incinerator, communication which proves beyond any doubt that Taulant Tusha's letter was null and that the decisions for the implementation of the law were made by the de facto owner of the incinerator, Erion Veliaj.

In an e-mail dated December 2, 2020, citizen Esjana Çadri, an employee of Stela Gugalles, wrote to her superiors how she should act to reconcile the amounts of waste based on Taulant Tuša's letter.

This e-mail is answered by the famous Elton Bualli, who received 300,000 euros from AZHBR for the construction of a greenhouse in the heart of the Sharra landfill, who expressly says that: 'According to the conversation with Claude, the reconciliation of the fourth week is not yet closed to close some meetings at higher levels, so that within two days we will be given more information'.

Here comes the simple question. Who is higher than Taulant Tusha in Tirana Municipality?

According to the structure published on the website of the Municipality of Tirana, Taulant Tusha is directly dependent only on the Mayor Erion Veliaj.

So it is quite easy to understand the fact that Klodian Zoto had to receive an order from the actual owner of the incinerator Erion Veliaj, to act for the disposal of Kamza's waste.

To be clear, until April 2024, Erion's incinerator has not lost a single cent, as the financial cost has been covered 100% by the Municipality of Tirana. In order to understand what the value is, we are based on the public statements of Rakip Suli and the local plan of the Kamëz Municipality, where it is stated that the Kamëz Municipality has at least 39,000 tons of waste per year, this is calculated in the total amount of about 195,000 tons for the period 2019-2023, with a financial bill of 5.6 million euros without VAT.

Erion Veliaj, in full knowledge, removed over 6 million euros from the Tirana Municipality budget, to pay for the remains of Kamza, which the concessionaire would have to pay.

It is now up to SPAK to investigate and verify whether these 6 million euros before corruption have ended up in the bank accounts of Erion Veliaj's relatives.

This is the next proof that Erion Veliaj has not only ordered the payment of soil deposits for the towers of Tirana, he has not only blocked NJZP, but he has also ordered and paid for the waste of Kamëz Municipality.

Every action and financial invoice related to the Tirana incinerator was done by order of Erion Veliaj.

In the following days, all these materials will be officially deposited with SPAK, which finds it useless to prolong the agony of the de facto owner of the Tirana incinerator and the 5D gang, Erion Veliaj.

The Democratic Party and I personally will not stop until the crime scene tape is placed, the Tirana City Hall building, which has already turned into the most corrupt institution in Europe.

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