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Kelliçi: Citizens should "undress" political colors, ask for an account of where their taxes go

Kelliçi: Citizens should "undress" political colors, ask for an

The member of the Presidency of the DP, Belind Kelliçi, appealed to the citizens that they should strip themselves of political colors and demand an account of what happens to their taxes.

Invited to News 24, Kelliçi said that Tirana Municipality is not the only one responsible for the incinerator affair, as it is also the Ministry of Infrastructure and even the Ministry of Tourism.
He said that the resignation of Erion Veliaj as the mayor of Tirana is demanded, after the affairs involving this institution, both with the incinerators and '5D'.

"The Prime Minister is the main author of the incinerator affair, as he gave an 8% bonus to a company, but the Municipality of Tirana, based on the documents, administers and manages this process every day. Is only the municipality of Tirana responsible? of course not", said Kelliçi.

He said that the seat of power should not be used to protect oneself from facing justice.


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