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"He wants to hold the PD hostage with the courts", Berisha warns Rama: We will reserve the fate of his barbarian ancestors

"He wants to hold the PD hostage with the courts", Berisha warns Rama:

The head of the Democratic Party, Sali Berisha, declared that the court battle for the recognition of the Democratic Party's charter is an attempt by Prime Minister Rama to hold the Democratic Party's seal hostage.

From Kamza, where he died at the ceremony of the 32nd anniversary of the founding of the Democratic Party, Berisha warned him that the fate of his ancestors, whom he called 'barbarians', will be reserved for him.

Berisha : In 1997, the DP went through a deep shock. Many were those who thought and believed that this political force would belong to the archives of history. But they were wrong. The Albanians restored their trust in her and in 8 years she managed to transform Albania more than all the times put together. In 8 years, Albania built more roads, bridges, tunnels than all the countries of the region combined.

In 8 years, Albanians managed that more than half of them have more than one apartment. In 8 years they doubled and tripled their businesses. Fruit trees doubled and Albania became an exporting country of milk, eggs and hundreds of other products. So all without exception thanks to the DP program that focuses on the citizen, his freedom and rights. Program that has as a pillar the national interest and that of Albania.

Dear friends! Ronald Reagan rightly says, it only takes a generation for democracy to disappear. Unfortunately, what we see, experience today is dramatic. In 1990, residents of Kamza and all of Albania lived in complete monism. Dictator Ramiz Aliaj, who did everything to stay in power, did not attempt to annihilate the opposition.

No, today, after 32 years, a bastard of the Hodgist blockmen, a descendant of an intellectual executioner, who would sign in August 1988, the hanging of the dissident poet Havzi Nela, only because he was his political opponent, after 32 years will use any method, will do everything for the annihilation of PD.

He is doing everything for the ethnic cleansing of Albania. The demon of power proves that he is capable of violating any principle, norm, moral to stay in power for himself. Edi Rama is a fierce enemy of the vote of Albanian citizens. Looting, robbing and violating the vote, he went from mandate to mandate and now he thinks that with anti-democratic, anti-constitutional decisions, holding hostage the court's decision, he will deliver a devastating blow to the PD. This will never happen. We are here today to swear that we will spare Edi Rama the fate of his barbarian ancestors. We will never tolerate his monism again.

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