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The Commission of Inquiry is not easy to get!

The Commission of Inquiry is not easy to get!


By Ervin Salianji

It does not happen that a parliamentary majority boycotts the parliament and the commission, it does not happen that deputies elected by the citizens, who have sworn on the Constitution, become openly defenders of crime and illegality!

Yesterday under the light of the cameras of the Parliamentary Investigative Committee on TIMS, the vice-president asked for a 5-minute break, hiding the wretched intention, which was to leave and abandon the confrontation, typical of the criminals who intervened in TIMS. They ran away violating the law and without giving any explanation to their voters or the public for the surprising action. They are revealed as a parliamentary majority that boycotts the investigative commission only because it will not allow the questions of experts and MPs addressed to the institutions! A tightly held and oppressed majority, which does everything to prevent transparency. What trouble can the deputies of the Republic have who throw away their dignity and the law just because they want to stop the parliamentary investigation for a phenomenon that has worried the citizens and partners of Albania, has violated the national security.

Any defense of crime is miserable, just like the arguments of the socialists yesterday, who claimed that they had been to the toilet, that they didn't realize that they had a fever, that they hadn't listened to the teacher, and many feminine excuses, but they forgot that the commission with its decision intermediate has made the decision to send requests for information!

Anyone has other requests for information, of any kind, we will vote them up without any objections, but pretending to block requests from experts and colleagues is criminally stupid! If you can say any idiocy in the SP or on personal networks, the work of the investigative commission is subject only to the law!

The Investigative Commission cannot turn enemies into patriots, nor criminals into models, nor illegality into a norm, nor idiocy into a pedestal, nor praise and worship the "Albanian" Hajredin Pasha, because for us: "Ignorantia non est argumentum".


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