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Korreshi: Coming out with two murderous candidates, let's not produce a second battle for Çelo's mustache

Korreshi: Coming out with two murderous candidates, let's not produce a


The deputy of the Democratic Party, Saimir Korreshi, has expressed his opposition to the exit with two candidates in the May 14 event elections.

While speaking for the camera of MCN TV, Korreshi said that the moment has come for the thought of Tirana not to be ignored.

"I have stood by my opinion and judgment that we should come up with a candidate. Coming out with two candidates does harm to the democrats and the opposition people. We cannot win with two candidates. Under these conditions, I made my choice, this also with the approval of the Lushnjë branch's Presidency, which judged that going out with two candidates would be murderous since we were once with two candidates and we couldn't even get the votes of April 25. The same thing can happen again. We still haven't treated the wounds he left on March 6 in Lushnjë. We could not produce a second battle in vain for Cello's moustache, to prove who has stronger horns, although the horns may have changed, some may have been strengthened or weakened. I also tried on March 6 to come up with a candidate, but Tirana is always stronger than the provinces. When someone comes to you with a collar from Tirana, our mouth hurts and we cannot judge properly, but Tirana's opinion is imposed on us. The time has come to stop imposing Tirana's opinion on us", said Korreshi.

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