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Against the taxation of free professions, Xhaferri: Today in protest or tomorrow in line for taxes

Against the taxation of free professions, Xhaferri: Today in protest or tomorrow

The head of FRPD, Besart Xhaferri, will join the protest which will be held today in front of the Constitutional Court at 18:00 against the tax on free professions.

Xhaferri writes on Facebook that the "tribute" imposed by the government is to fill the state's coffers and cover rampant thefts.

Narkoshtet's "tribute" for free professions, today in protest in front of the Constitutional Court or tomorrow in line for taxes!

Today, as a young man who for years has been paying the heavy bill of entrepreneurship in a country like Albania, where the injection of crime money has ruined the economy, I will join the protest that will take place today at 18:00 at the Constitutional Court against the tax for the professions of cheap

This tax entered into force as of January 1, 2024, has made all commercial individuals or self-employed professions for the profit declared by the business up to 14 million lek per year to be taxed at the tax rate of 15%, while for the profit declared above the level of 14 million ALL to be taxed at 23% per year.

This tribute imposed by the most corrupt government in Europe is to fill the coffers of the state and cover the galloping thefts through the 5D and DAAM shpk models invented by the Renaissance sect.

Since the entry into force of this tax, hundreds of enterprises have been forced to close their activities and until the end of the year this arbitrary fine will be followed by a brain drain.

The Democratic Party has filed a lawsuit in the Constitutional Court where it requested the abolition of taxes for free professions and today at 18:00 this Court must issue a preliminary decision in the interest of the citizens", writes Xhaferri.

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