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Who chose 'July 7'? Boçi: The protest was requested by the society

Who chose 'July 7'? Boçi: The protest was requested by the

Democrat MP Luciano Boci showed who decided that the protest called by the DP and Civil Society should be held on July 7 and not on another date.

Invited to the studio of "The Unexposed", Boçi said that it was the decision of the DP Presidency to protest on July 7, seeing the latest developments in the political arena. Boçi added that the protest will also configure the opposition in action, which has been in a lethargic sleep for years.

"It is screaming when a person comes out and protests. It is demanded by society. Civil society with its existing nature has tried. It is a collegial decision of the DP leadership in relation to political developments that have taken place and political temperatures. The situation is extraordinary.

Its importance has to do with the configuration of an opposition in action, after so many years in hibernation. Waiting for the time when it appears looks like a decoration in front of the mirror. Such obstacles are of a technical nature, but other elements prevail in a political force.

The unrest is seen as a number of protests and not symbolic. We also know the obstacles that exist, but not every preparation can be focused, because someone wants to place a drone at the beginning of the protest to make propaganda and to put it in the trap of numbers ", said Boçi.

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