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Majority attack campaign", Sula: Politics to keep hands and mind away from justice

Majority attack campaign", Sula: Politics to keep hands and mind away from

The democratic deputy Dashnor Sula has returned to yesterday's debate, where the mandate of Olta Xhaçka was not sent to the Constitutional Court with the votes of the majority.

 Through a message on 'Facebook', Sula emphasized that the majority has launched a campaign of attack against the new institutions of justice.


⚖ Support for equal justice for all and independent.

????Thursday's Parliamentary session confirmed the fact that the majority has launched an attack campaign against the new justice institutions.

????Brings attention to the statement of the president of the Constitutional Court in VOA: "It is inconceivable in a democratic state that the decisions of the Constitutional Court are not implemented". But this is what happened in Albania with the new institutions of justice. The deputies of the Socialist Party voted against the decision of the Constitutional Court.

⚖ The legislator requested that the Parliament take the examination of the conflict of interest of the former socialist minister to her, but the parliamentary majority, with the warning made earlier: "it's us, then it's you", voted against it. This is unprecedented.

The decisions of the Constitutional Court are equivalent to the articles of the constitution. Meanwhile, we, the deputies, when we take office, swear on the CONSTITUTION and not on the orders of the party leaders. Meanwhile, yesterday's majority vote violated this oath.

????It was nothing but a message to the new institutions of justice that you are in front of us, we have the majority of votes and we can weaken you if you cross our red lines.

Therefore, today I join the letter of support that the US charge d'affaires in Albania, Mr. Wizner has sent the Prosecutors of the Special Prosecution. The new judicial bodies must do their work without being emotionally influenced, without being politically influenced and without being intimidated. SPAK is the institution that has the highest credibility of the public at the moment and has a very heavy weight on its shoulders to maintain this weight without breaking their trust.

Politics must distance itself from pressure and must keep its hands and mind away from any attempt to weaken the reformed justice. Aware that there are no human beings without sins in this world, but still we must encourage to become better!

For the above, the new justice should not simply be biased or politically influenced, but care should be taken not to create the perception that they are biased and controlled.



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