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The majority did not accept the demands of the opposition, Bardhi: Unconstitutional, it is an obligation of the Assembly

The majority did not accept the demands of the opposition, Bardhi:

The Conference of Presidents did not accept the demands of the opposition for the establishment of two investigative parliamentary commissions: for the sterilization concession and for the leakage of data from the TIMS system.

The decision passed the plenary session, as the majority rejected the demands signed by the opposition.

The head of the DP parliamentary group, Gazment Bardhi, called the decision-making of the majority unconstitutional, as it did not give consensus for the two investigative commissions requested.

"Both were of great importance. Officially, in accordance with our constitutional right, 45 deputies addressed the assembly for an investigative committee. According to the constitution, the Assembly is obliged to set up an investigative commission when requested by no less than 35 deputies.

Without any surprise, as they have been doing for 1 and a half years, the majority decided not to give the consensus for the establishment of two investigative commissions. Unconstitutional. It is an obligation for the Assembly of Albania. Both arguments that are excuses are not only untenable, have no constitutional basis, but are an insult to any normal human mind.

The first argument, related to the fact that we wanted to investigate 4 concession contracts. According to them, 4 contracts cannot be investigated, a very broad issue. The 4 contracts are related to a single issue, which is about providing services to citizens under a PPP relationship. As long as the 4 contracts have been approved by the government with a value of 450 million euros, we asked to verify how these contracts were concluded and, secondly, how they are being implemented. The data of the verification by KLSH have shown that we are not only dealing with abusive contracts and values, but with payments and services that citizens do not benefit from.

Regarding the data of the TIMS system, the concern has not only come from the opposition, but also from the US embassy.

We understand that the majority is not interested, because the deletion of data on trips of governors, Rama's family members and ministers with exponents of organized crime would be revealed. This was one of the reasons for the intervention in the TIMS system" , declared Bardhi.

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