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"The madness ends, Berisha is kept in prison without evidence"

"The madness ends, Berisha is kept in prison without evidence"

Klevis Balliu, the Organizational Secretary in PD writes that the chief democrat Sali Berisha should be released and that in a country with political and democratic stability his immediate release should be ordered.


Political stability and the democratic system order the release of the opposition leader.

We are the first and only country in Europe and the entire democratic world where the leader of the opposition is under arrest without evidence and without charge.

The madness must end, not because of the wishes of the opposition sympathizers, but because in the democratic world, you are stopped with facts and evidence and not with the political appetites of the temporary government.

What makes the fundamental difference between dictatorship and democracy is that in dictatorship you are arrested by order of the government, in democracy you are arrested with indisputable evidence and facts.

Now we have to see which Albania we want, Edvin's dictatorship or Albania's democracy.

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