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Meta: We cannot turn the party into a family business

Meta: We cannot turn the party into a family business

The head of the Freedom Party, Ilir Meta insisted that the party he leads has been damaged by nepotism.

"I welcome Monika's speech except for the word that contradicts the Code of Ethics that has not yet been approved. I am amazed at those who do not understand what nepotism is.

We are talking about the most democratic principles. The largest democratic party in the world eradicating nepotism and installing meritocracy. Parties should not be made business instruments for certain families, including Ilir Meta's family and other families, and especially the Youth organization that has been atrophied by nepotism.

There are 100 members of the LRI in the Steering Committee and called today if they can find 40 people. There are more elected councilors in the municipal councils based on the agreement with the Democratic Party of His Majesty, Sali Berisha. There are more councilors than members and this is a consequence of nepotism, closure. Monika is staunchly pro-American and we have collaborated with the American Democratic Institute.

The nepotism is that he did not make it possible for a friend of ours who we once made a minister to be present at the last meeting of the National Council. For the first time, Ilir Meta, who made him minister, took him on the phone and thanked him. There was a clear attempt to sabotage the quorum of the National Steering Committee meeting. "Nepotism did it because they told you that Ilir Meta did not make you a minister," he said.

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