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Budget approval, Boçi: There are ways to negotiate with the opposition, not to vote for 7 minutes

Budget approval, Boçi: There are ways to negotiate with the opposition,

The former deputy of the Democratic Party, Luciano Boçi, spoke about the opposition's action and the majority's reaction to it.

Through a direct communication to News24, Boçi said that Prime Minister Edi Rama wants his actions to confirm the rule and what according to him exists "de facto" in Albania, the rule of a regime.

According to him, there is a way for the majority to enter into negotiations with the opposition and not to approve the budget for the next year within a few minutes without having a discussion and confrontation with the opposition.

" The opposition is not wrong, it is in its action. I would say that there is something new in the opposition action. With his actions, Rama seeks to confirm his rule and what exists de facto in Albania, that we are under the rule of a regime. When a law does not fit well in his suit, he changes it, he does it according to his wish. When an interest needs it, it issues a law or VKM, when it needs to hit the opposition, it changes the regulation, etc.

How a regime can be more than that, I don't know. There are ways to enter into negotiations with the opposition and not approve a budget in 7 minutes. This budget should be a discussion with the public and a confrontation with the opposition.

Repetition of scenes causes them to become mundane. It does not mean that we leave behind what we are doing and leave the hall, but that the debate reigns in the Parliament. Debate cannot exist when the majority does not allow the establishment of investigative commissions.

The protest has results because it increases civic awareness. They create spirit and confidence in the citizens, but also put the political structure in political communication with the citizens. Campaigns are the highest forms, followed by protests. We cannot say that the protests have no results.

Protests inspire confidence, when there were big protests there was empathy and real basis. Today, in a repressive situation in relation to the government, we are all under pressure. They are the symptoms of a regime, as I mentioned. Protests are not measured by numbers, but by spirit and stability" , he said, among other things.


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