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Noka: Dumani knows that Rama will throw it away after using it, that's why he asks for an extension of his mandate

Noka: Dumani knows that Rama will throw it away after using it, that's why

The General Secretary of the DP, Flamur Noka, spoke about today's confrontation in the Law Commission with the head of SPAK, Altin Dumani.

Noka said that Altin Dumani today asked for the extension of the mandate of SPAK prosecutors, because he understood that Edi Rama will throw him away, after he misused him during his work.

" What we saw today is that it is no coincidence that such people are elected who exercise inquisition against the opposition.

So I asked a question to the head of Skapi, Dumani; maybe your hands are tied, or you are a hostage.

Because to arrest the leader of the opposition, in flagrant violation of the constitution and the criminal procedure code. To keep him prisoner, without charge, to investigate the entire leadership chain of the opposition.

Even though Fatmir Mediu is prescribed by law and the constitution, the case for which he is being judged, Ilir Meta, Monika Kryemadhi, as well.

Signing decisions or orders contrary to the law or the constitution means that you are either a hostage or a political servant with a mission to serve the regime politically.

There is nothing legally based on this here.

The fact that Duman was dying today to answer such questions. The fact that Irena Gjoka was chosen is a big legal problem, because she is the only woman with three surnames. The fact that there is a penalty in Greece for forgery and cheating.

Another thing is known worldwide about Irena Gjoka. It is universally known that her current husband was her realtor in Fier. In order not to waste the money, he married her.

As for Milloaj, a similar thing is known in Elbasan; is a soldier of organized crime.

A hostage to one and a hostage to the other. I told you that Rama has this style. Rama has also held politicians hostage. He loves them, holds them hostage, uses them badly and finally throws them away. Dumani also knows this method of Rama, he was worried about the mandate.

Because he says that the time is coming that you will throw us away", said Flamur Noka on SYRI TV.


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