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Noka for taking Xhačka under the protection of the SP: the Prime Minister self-proclaimed 'justice is me'

Noka for taking Xhačka under the protection of the SP: the Prime Minister

The general secretary of the DP, Flamur Noka from Gramshi, stopped at the affair of the 5D company, saying that it symbolizes Rama's governance.

Noka also spoke about yesterday's vote in the Assembly, where with 72 votes against the SP, he decided not to send the mandate of MP Olta Xhaçka to the Constitutional Court.

He said that with yesterday's decision, Rama and his gang showed that they have no stopping, no obstacle.

Part of Noka's speech:

Ndragheta was one of the main foreign investments that came and made a deal with Erion Veliaj for fertilizers. Although in Italy, Erion Veliaj's partner, one of the leaders of Ndragheta, is in prison, in Edi Rama's Albania, Ndragheta's partner continues to be mayor.

This is the system that Edi Rama set up and the renaissance in Albania, which had only one mission, not governance, but theft. This was the great contrast between the two governments. Yesterday, a very serious event happened in the parliament, for each of us. Don't remind friends that Olta Xhaçka's mandate has nothing to do with you, with Gramsci. It is related to Gramsh and every citizen of Albania. But why? Because, dear friends, tomorrow Olta Xhaçka or another Olta can set their eyes on it, as you also know they have set their eyes on, a property, a forest or a hill, pine trees, they can set their eyes on it and with the signature of Edi Rama, snatch it from them and comes as a strategic investor and invests with the money he stole from you. This is the model and that is why we are very worried today. Why? Because with yesterday's decision, Edi Rama and his gang, which is called rebirth, are unstoppable and have no obstacles. The last obstacle in Albania was the Constitutional Court and the Constitution. Yesterday, with the power of cardboard, they brought down the Constitutional Court, turned the Constitution into a piece of cloth, and this is a great threat, a great threat to society and democracy. That's why I tell you that yesterday was a bad day for Albania and Albanians.

Edi Rama decided and announced yesterday by voting in the parliament; justice is me, the law is me, the court is me and this yesterday also explains the reason why Sali Berisha is kept prisoner without facts and evidence and without any charges. Because the law is Edi Rama in Albania, because the court is Edi Rama in Albania because justice is Edi Rama. Edi Rama will liquidate the opposition and to achieve this he has found a way, to kidnap, hold hostage and imprison its leader without the law. While Edi Rama is increasing his power, his power, he goes above the law and the constitution, here in Gramsh, as Kodheli said, we see a completely different reality from what is being propagated, a gloomy reality. Therefore, Gramshi is depopulated, it is immersed in poverty and misery, because like all of Albania, Gramshi is a victim of the greed of power, governmental greed. This government has not devoted a single day to the service of its citizens and people. He had only one mission, benefits for himself and a handful of people around him.

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