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Berisha warns: Whoever tampers with the vote must leave his head!

Berisha warns: Whoever tampers with the vote must leave his head!

The head of the DP, Sali Berisha, declares that the free vote has an enemy called Edi Rama.

From the civic gathering, Berisha said that whoever tampers with the vote, must leave his head.

Berisha : There is nothing more self-deprecating.
There is nothing more unforgivable than when you see with your own eyes that Edi Rama with patronage, with activists, with tens of millions of euros, with thugs from all four corners of the country, with exceptions from the lists, steals the elections, steals the vote and you don't get up
You deceive yourself, you talk about elections, you talk about votes, you talk about candidates with the election executioner in power.
With the executioner of the free vote in power.
Citizens, it is time to return to our hymns of freedom. The hymns of freedom say, let us die, let us live for freedom.
Let us die and live for the free vote.
No one brings the free vote.
He who touches the vote must leave his head.
Whoever touches the vote must leave his head.
No one defends the free vote.
The free vote has an enemy, a cruel enemy, and this one is called Edi Rama.
Then we will allow, we will stand in opposition on paper or civil disobedience opposition, tooth by tooth until we defeat the evil.
I appeal to every democrat, tell the truth to yourself and to each other, tell the truth to the citizens that with Edi Rama, our vote has zero value.
With Edi Rama, there is no choice.
That with Edi Rama, in the election they sign his mandate. We must never accept our shame, our submission, our humiliation.
Why are you here over 160 days? You are here in defense of the truths you believe.
For a free society, the truth of all truths is the free vote of citizens.
Then let's unite to overthrow the regime, technical government, free elections.

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