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PD issues the bill: Who is responsible for the unfinished business of the company of the arrested directors of Veliaj

PD issues the bill: Who is responsible for the unfinished business of the

The Democratic Party denounces the Municipality of Tirana that the investments started by the company of the directors arrested by SPAK have stalled.

The member of the Presidency, Grigels Muçollari, was in the Kinostudio area today and tells in detail that the rehabilitation of the center would take 12 months, but 3 years have passed and nothing has been done so far. 

Full statement: 

The corruption of the Municipality of Tirana is a great challenge, an evil that affects the citizens, harms them, affects their daily life. The corruption of the leaders of the Municipality, of Erion Veliaj, has to do with people. When they steal, it is a service, it is an investment, it is a good that is denied to residents, families, the community.

We are here near Kinostudios in Tirana, as you can see in an urban chaos, in a work left half done. This investment gave the company of directors of Veliaj, gave the famous 5D.

Over 3 years since the works started. About 4 million euro fund, from the taxes of the citizens of Tirana. Here we are today. A hell for the residents and for anyone who brings work here.

According to this table, which the Municipality has now removed, the rehabilitation of the Kinostudio center would take 12 months. 3 times out of 12 months have passed.

PD issues the bill: Who is responsible for the unfinished business of the

The directors of Veliaj probably got the money they needed for the luxury hotel they are building in Durrës. What about the obligation to the public, to the citizens, to the law?

Who is responsible today for this nonsense and abuse?

No one has come forward to provide an explanation. Because this is not the only 5D construction site in Tirana left half-finished. There is also the promenade at Lake Dry.

So who will answer?

Erjon Veliaj is certainly responsible.

For these affairs at the expense of the people, he should go before the law as soon as possible and leave the office he has disgraced.

I invite the citizens to join the protest in front of the City Hall on Tuesday, to demand justice. Justice for them, for the residents, for the city.

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